Twenty Four from Jenny and Eric on Vimeo.

Twenty Four (2010). Jenny and Eric.

"We are Jennifer Brookes and Eric Peterson. Jenny lives in Seattle where she photographs anything and everything. Eric lives in Denver where he writes and performs music in a number of bands. We’ve decided to combine our artistic strengths and collaborate on a project that we call tangled; we weave.

Each week, Jenny will take approximately 180 photographs and sequence them to create a 30-second stop motion piece. Operating independently and under a pact of secrecy, Eric will write and record a 30-second musical composition. Each Tuesday, we will reveal our week’s efforts to each other, combine them, and post the result to our website. We will do so for one full year, beginning September 22nd, 2009 and ending September 21st, 2010. In total, nearly 10,000 photographs will be taken and about 1,500 seconds of audio will be produced.”


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